PTZplus WIFI Controller
PTZplus WIFI Controller
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, PTZplus WIFI Controller

PTZplus WIFI Controller

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Digital Bird PTZ plus Wi-Fi controller for filmmakers. All the features you will find on the compact controller with the addition of live joystick camera control for up to three live camera systems while at the same time controlling unlimited automated camera systems set up using the A-B function or six key sequencer.

A camera system can consist of any number of Digital Bird components, for example it may be a pan tilt head mounted on a slider or simply a camera mounted on a pan tilt head and a tripod.
Whatever the configuration, the PTZ plus control can control up to 4 live systems.

Up to 9 PTZ pre-set poses can be stored for each camera system All recorded keys and positions are stored even when the system is powered down allowing you to setup your system long before the event power it all down to save on batteries. Power it up again when required with all your setups ready to go.

The controller offers 5 input devices.

The Nextion touch display to control system setup and all the other functions
A three axis joystick which controls Pan, Tilt, Slid, and on/off function button
A second two axis joystick to control zoom/focus
An acceleration control knob which allows you to quickly adjust how smoothly your     system performs its moves as it performs them.
An LED play button for more tactile control of recording.

This kit comes with all the non 3D print parts required to build the controller including

  • The 2.8" Nextion TFT display
  • Digital Bird PTZplus control board
  • 3 axis Joystick
  • Cables connectors switch and screws

The PTZ plus system uses the same NP style batteries used everywhere else on the system together with an external power jack for 7.5V supply. Batteries are not supplied with the kits.


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