Digital Bird Mini Jib
Digital Bird Mini Jib
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Bird Mini Jib

Digital Bird Mini Jib

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The Digital Bird DIY 3D printable Mini Jib offers smooth near silent operation combined with range of exciting new camera moves not easily achieved with the slider. The Jib connects wirelessly with all the other parts of the Digital Bird camera motion control system offering you limitless possibilities for finding the perfect shot.

Note: The Pan Tilt head and Pan heads shown in the image together with a required WIFI controller are separate kits not included with the Jib kit.This listing is for the basic Jib only.


  • Typically up to 550mm of Jib Travel more with lighter payloads.
  • Vertical, horizontal & diagonal motion.
  • Camera head can be mounted Upright or under slung.
  • Digital Bird Pan Head adds second axis for pan control.
  • Tested on payloads up to 4KG (Camera and pan Tilt head)
  • Sony NP style batteries with 7.5v external power port
  • Full feature interface though Digital Bird compact WIFI remote or PTZ remote
  • OLED battery monitor and PTZ slave ID
  • Camera shutter control
  • Links in wirelessly with all the other Digital Bird devices.
  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • Silky smooth motion.

Operating modes:

  • A-B straight run
  • A-B with acceleration controls (ramp/Ease)
  • A-B-A Bounce mode
  • Time-lapse mode with built in intervalometer and camera shutter control.
  • Six key sequencer for more complex moves.
  • Stop motion functions for animators.
  • PTZplus real-time camera functions.

This mini Jib kit includes


  • Digital Bird Mainboard with ESP32 and one TMS2208 V3
  • Shutter cable 2.5mm Stereo Jack socket & Cable
  • Power Cable 210mm with Digital Bird NP Battery Terminals
  • Power switch harness 150mm long 
  • Aux power harness with 150mm cable
  • OLED Display 0.49 Inch 128x32 res & Cable 180mm long
  • AS5600 Encoder with Diametrically Magnetized Magnet


  • 5x16x5mm        x6
  • 20x27x4mm      x5
  • 30x42x7            x2
  • 55x72x9mm      x1
  • Drive Components:
  • 20T 5mm bore GT2 Timing pulley for 6mm belt
  • 200mm GT2 Closed loop timing belt 6mm wide
  • Damper cartridge pre packed with damper grease. 

Nuts Bolts & Screws

  •  Complete pack of every nut bolt and screw required to build the jib. Including Camera screws and adapters.
  • 32mm Rose Clamping plates     x2

The kit excludes the following parts which you are left for to source yourself.

  • Your own 3D printed parts
  • High Torque Nema17 Bipolar 45Ncm ( 1.5A 42x42x39mm 4 Wires Part No. 17HS15-1504S-X or equal
  • Telescopic Tripod Legs for jib arm (see Tripod Options)
  • NP  battery
  • 1 No. 100mm long swiss Plate
  • 1No. 120mm Swiss Clamp
  • A Digital Bird WIFI controller is required to operate the Jib. Sold here as a separate kit.

Counter weights:

Counter weights required depend on your payload but I would suggest:

  • 3No. 60x10x120mm long mild steel bar stock (approx. 500g each)
  • 2No. 60x20x120mm long mild steel bar stock (approx. 1kg each)


  • 3No. 60x20x120mm long mild steel bar stock (approx. 1kg each)

Why are these parts excluded?

All the excluded mechanical components should be available to you locally. Given the current cost of shipping heavier items internationally and the increased duty you would otherwise have to pay on the kits I believe this package will make building the system more accessible particularly for international purchasers. Postal charges are also reduced.

Local Tax liabilities:

Different countries have different Import tax systems and there may be additional import duties/taxes applied to your order when entering your country. Payment of such tax is the responsibility of the purchaser and vary from country to country.