DB3 Four axis Pan Tilt Head (WIFI & VISCA with POE or WIFI only)
DB3 Four axis Pan Tilt Head (WIFI & VISCA with POE or WIFI only)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DB3 Four axis Pan Tilt Head (WIFI & VISCA with POE or WIFI only)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, DB3 Four axis Pan Tilt Head (WIFI & VISCA with POE or WIFI only)

DB3 Four axis Pan Tilt Head (WIFI & VISCA with POE or WIFI only)

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NEW select from with two variants depending on your needs :

  1. With WIFI, VISCA and POE support for wired network use.
  2. WIFI only (No VISCA or POE support in base)

Don't have a 3D printer? You can find the 3D printed parts kit here

About:  The all new  3D printable DB3 Pan Tilt head. 

Developed on the back of the very successful DB Balanced head these new heads take the system to a whole new level with some pro features you won't find on any other head for less than $2000 so you can build four for the price of one consumer ready unit! 

Unlike other PTZ heads with fixed cameras and lenses these heads are designed for much wider use cases. Carrying up to 3.5kg payloads it is Ideal for medium sized camera systems including mirrorless systems like the Sony A series and Block style cameras like the Panasonic DC-BGH1 & BS1H or the Z CAM range.

 Note: To use this head you will also need to build the Digital Bird PTZ WIFI controller along with Zoom/Focus motors as required. These are not included here but must purchased as separate kits.

    New key features on the DB3 :

    • 4 axis support . The new main board offers an additional 4th axis allowing us to drive both a focus and zoom or Iris ring at the same time. Ideal for cinema lenses but if they are way outside your budget check out the vintage  lenses like the Leica R zooms for under £400 used.
    • Encoders on all 4 axis. All 4 axes now offer encoders allowing us to do away with the joystick on the top of earlier models and manually position the head for more intuitive key point positioning. Note you can still use the joystick on the PTZ WIFI controller to set key points if preferred.
    • More and less speed. The tilt motor now uses a 1:5 gearbox to better keep up with the pan for faster PTZ applications. With version six of the PTZ firmware the head can also be tuned to move extremely slowly for those long focal length shots.
    • Front and rear tally lights. Inform your talent which camera is live or coming next. This feature can be turned off if you're working on  product videos where reflections could be a problem. *Currently onboard tally lights are only supported by vMix and the WIFI PTZ functions however I am hopeful this will be added to OBS in the future.
    • Automatic homing at start-up. Both variants now offer automatic homing of the Pan & Tilt at start-up giving us more confidence that the stored positions will be accurate after power cycling the head.
    • Wired VISCA and POE+ support. This head offers all the same WIFI capabilities of previous designs but with the added support for wired ethernet and POE+ power. This allows multiple heads to be managed by both OBS and vMix over a POE switch. The head can also be controlled using the PTZ Optics "Superjoy" *Note the head should work with other VISCA PTZ controllers supporting VISCA over UDP however no others have been tested to date and no guarantees can be given.
    • Professional cable management. The fixed base on the VISCA model allows for both HDMI and SDI passthrough ensuring that your long cables do not spin around with the head.
    • 16 position memory. 16 position onboard PTZ memory using OBS. (Unlimited using vMix since the positions are stored in vMix not the head.)
    • Multiple  power options. The head is equipped with a 7.5v barrel DC output supplied by POE and or the battery port.  Different camera systems have differing power requirements. The POE power can provide up to 12v 2A or 30W of power which must be shared across the head, If  your system requires more power than can be provided by the POE alone you can add the 7.5-14v Aux power supplied through the lower D-Tap port to provide more watts to power both the head and the camera system through the upper D-Tap port. A voltage regulator is provided in the upper head body allowing you to tune whatever voltage you add to the lower D-Tap down to the 7.5v required to power the head. Typical external power supplies would be either a power adapter or V-Mount Battery pack at a voltage to suit your cameras requirements at typically 60W plus.


    WIFI Motion Control features include:

    • A-B straight run
    • A-B with acceleration controls (ramp/Ease)
    • A-B-A Bounce mode
    • Time-lapse mode with built in intervalometer and camera shutter control.
    • Six key sequencer for more complex moves.
    • Stop motion functions for animators.
    • PTZplus WIFI real-time camera functions for up to 4 camera systems with 9 presets available for each camera system. (Remember a camera system may be simply a head on its own or it could be a head on a slider or the head on a jib all controlled as a single system.)

    Included in this kit:


    • Digital Bird PTZ 5.0 Mainboard with ESP32 & TMS drivers. pre-programed
    • 2.5mm Stereo Jack socket & Cable for camera start stop
    • AS5600 Encoders x2 with Magnets
    • Power Cable 210mm with DigitalBird NP Battery Terminals
    • Power switch harness 150mm long x1
    • Aux power harness with D-Tap and power regulator.
    • OLED Display 0.49 Inch 128x32 res & Cable 180mm long
    • 12v 2A POE splitter
    • Wt32 eith01 processor Pre-programmed
    • HDMI, SDI,UART,D-Tap cable harness
    • FTDI board
    • Buck converters x2
    • Tally light harness
    • Reed switches with magnets for homing x2
    Bearings and drive components:
    • 10x4x4 bearing x 2
    • 61806 2RS ZEN Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing 30x42x7mm x 2
    • 6001 2RS Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing 12x28x8mm x1
    • 6811 2RS bearing 55x72x9mm x1
    • GT2 6mm wide Closed loop timing belt 360mm for Tilt
    • GT2 6mm wide Closed loop timing belt 200mm for Pan
    • GT2 Pulley 16 Teeth 5mm bore 6mm Width for Nema17 Stepper
    • GT2 Pulley 16 Teeth 6mm bore 6mm Width for Nema11 Stepper


    • Swiss Type camera L bracket. 
    • Haoge CP-58 58mm Screw Knob Quick Release Clamp
    • Every nut bolt and screw required.


    The kit excludes the following parts which you are left to source yourself.

    • Your own 3D printed parts or add the 3D printed parts kit here
    • Camera Quick Release clamps and plates are camera setup specific and left to you. Only the L bracket and circular Tilt Clamp are supplied.
    • Nema 11 Stepper Motor Bipolar L=51mm w/ Gear Ratio 5:1 Planetary Gearbox Part Number: 11HS20-0674S-PG5
    • Nema 17 Bipolar 45Ncm (63.74oz.in) 1.5A 42x42x39mm 4 Wires Part No. 17HS15-1504S-X or equal
    • NP style battery
    • Focus/zoom motor & WIFI Controllers are separate kits.

    Motors and camera fixtures should be available to you locally. Given the current cost of shipping heavier items like motors internationally and the increased duty you would otherwise have to pay on the kits I believe this package will make building the system  more accessible particularly for international purchasers since you are only paying duty once on those items. Postal charges are also reduced.

    Local Tax liabilities:

    Different countries have different Import tax systems and there may be additional import duties/taxes applied to your order when entering your country. Payment of such tax is the responsibility of the purchaser and vary from country to country.